Stock Your Restaurant’s Online Store With Branded Merch to Help Keep Revenue Steady

Posted by Melissa Kovach on Mar 18, 2020 3:02:10 PM
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During any economic hardship, small businesses tend to get the short end of the stick, left trying to figure out new ways they can keep from losing their business until things pick back up again.

Interacting with your customers during this time even if it’s not done so in a physical context is now more important than ever for both the brand and the livelihood of the business.

Whether your restaurant or bar has moved entirely to a take-out/curbside ordering/or delivery-based business, or totally shutting down for the time being, here are some branded merchandise ideas that can help keep things moving forward.

Inexpensive branded items to include in takeout orders

Include reusable or compostable items that make sense for your brand. These items can be made quickly and ordered in a high quantity. Customers will find something a little extra in their to-go order.

Grocery totes

Pack up orders in a branded grocery tote.

Grocery tote bag

Large reusable food storage bag

Include in every pick up or delivery order. Customers can store leftovers in again and again.

Large reusable food storage bag


Small reusable storage bag

Small reusable storage bag


These reusable bags are perfectly sized for that sauce, dip, or dressing ordered on the side.

Bamboo utensil set

Bamboo utensil set


Compostable plates

Compostable plates




Aluminum bottle/can opener

Sending home some of your craft beer or wine in a can or bottle? Throw in a branded bottle/can opener.

Aluminum bottle/can opener



Colored pencils and coloring books

Don’t forget the kiddos! Coloring is also a trendy stress reducer for adults 😜!


Coloring books
Colored pencils and sharpener

Stock your online store with premium merch for purchase

Your customers don’t want your restaurant or bar to close either. Everyone is understanding the strain these times are having on small business and are likely willing to help out as much as they can.

By running a campaign with more premium items available for purchase that can be shipped either with an order or separately will keep engagement high and keep the two-way conversation going with your audience.


Low crown trucker





Stainless steel growlers make it easier for your audience to order your brews and offer a way for them to come back to your space when dining-in becomes available again for a refill. 

stainless steel growlers
Water bottle


Many people are working from home as they socially distance themselves. Offer your audience a way to be as cozy as possible during this time with a cuddly blanket! 

elliston blanket

Graphic tees




Cooler bags

lost abbey cooler bag

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