The Advantages of Doing Business with Boulder Brands

Posted by Jordan Eckes on Dec 7, 2018 3:41:17 PM

Month of Modern (MoM) celebrates Boulder, the achievements that people have brought to the town, and how the community has shaped local businesses.

One of our leaders here at Anthem, Ted Church, spoke at the MoM's 5th Annual event under the theme of We Built This City!

Ted's presentation at MoM 

Month of Modern event in Boulder, CO. Photo credit: Lisa Doane Photography.

Church joined four other speakers to present on the influence that Boulder has had on their personal and professional life in a PechaKucha style, a presentation style that shows 20 slides for 20 seconds each.

Click play on the video below to see Church's presentation.

Month of Modern Ted Church Presentation

"That's so Boulder"

For the people that are from Boulder, or have experienced a little slice of this town, can understand this phrase, "That's so Boulder."

Usually, it is said after someone criticizes another person for not composting correctly, or if they drink Kombucha or take a week-long skiing vacation, or want to go vegan. These things are Boulder.  

 Ted Church boulder quote MoM

Church fell in love with Boulder, the local atmosphere, the music, and the outdoors. Being Boulder encompasses exactly that boldness, creativity, and curiosity that everyone wants in their lives.

And people have caught waves of the incredible nature of Colorado. From 2010 to 2017, the population in Boulder increased by 9.5 % according to the U.S. Census Bureau

The state of Colorado truly offers the opportunity for top-notch creative work to be done and recognized -- creating an enticing aspect of the town. Doing business with Boulder brands means that you are in contact with some of the modern, ear-to-the ground companies in the country. Don't believe it? Take it from the Boulder brands that are experiencing lasting success.

Thriving Boulder brands


Noosa is a company that produces quality natural yoghurt. In every cup of Noosa, an Aussie made, but Colorado-born yoghurt, there is pure honey, real vanilla beans, fresh milk, and homemade granola. All of these ingredients are either from the source of it all like Madagascar and Guittard, or provided by natural companies like Purely Elizabeth or Beeyond the Hive.

Founder Koel Thomae has brought this local company from the barn to a booming business within a a few years, thriving in the Colorado business world full of natural food and health conscious consumers. 

Noosa dog collar 

Avery Brewing Co.

Avery Brewing “puts Boulder on the map as far as craft brewing goes,” says Church.

Avery Brewing started in 1993 and have been kicking ass since. Even though they say they started their business as “a lot of beer drinking, failing, and drinking some more,” we can’t sell this brewery short. They go above and beyond the brewery standards in creating beer and giving back to the community.

Avery Brewing focuses on the local community, going beyond the hops and creating a conglomerate of people that care about helping the world. They support non-profits ranging from the Emergency Family Assistance Association (EFFA) to the Boulder Valley Humane Society.

With Avery, they are more than just a local Boulder brewery. They go the extra mile by helping each other and the community.


 Boulder Farmer's Market

The Boulder Farmer’s Market (BFM) is the local hotspot to get homegrown vegetables, and fruit. The market has grown to become a huge part of the Boulder lifestyle and is now open Saturdays and Wednesdays during the spring/summer season.

Their audience is exactly what the market is gravitating towards — families that shop local, naturally-grown foods. With their latest rebrand, BFM’s authenticity shines through -- elevating their brand awareness and industry standing.

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Ever heard of Google? Even they are wanting to be a part of the Boulder vibe

International brands are now understanding the hype. Boulder is a specific place, a gem hidden within the mountains, and a place that creates interesting businesses that emphasize community involvement. For big-named companies like Google, localizing their brand is a big feat.

Once Google found Boulder for what it is, a place where businesses can thrive, they wanted to be a part of the club. They set up shop in Boulder and have never turned back.

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The thriving creative community fuels Boulder's vibe

There are a lot of creatives in the Boulder community. For the past two years, Anthem Branding has housed local artisans to sell their work and each year has been a spectacular turn out. It isn’t hard to find artisans and creatives in the Colorado area, because they’re just too many to count.

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That’s just one of the many reasons why Boulder is so cool. There is a huge emphasis on community involvement, comprised of powerhouse of innovators, entrepreneurs, artists, and creatives that are moving and shaking the status quo on its head. If you combine those two aspects together, it isn’t hard to see why Church decided to create his own business here in Boulder.

Boulder is a magnet for today's biggest brands and budding innovative companies

After a day of skiing at Eldora, hiking the first Flatiron, going to an insane college party -- the kind that you see in movies -- and watch a band play on a rooftop, Church called up his parents back in Toledo, and said, "I just signed up for the five year plan; I'm moving to Boulder."

Boulder is an incredible place for creative development and thought, fostering many successful businesses. There is a reason why everyone is hopping on the train and establishing themselves here. The 300 plus days of sunshine with the Rocky Mountain backdrop is hard to beat.

Church did just that, deciding to stay and start his own personal and professional life here. This town is a place that creates community, driven by the creative world, home to start-up companies and offers adventure to anyone who seeks it. It's no wonder everyone wants to be a part of the Boulder club. 


Let us help you become a part of the Boulder club. 

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