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Posted by Ted Church on Apr 1, 2019 8:32:00 AM
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We hear the question a lot, from clients, the community, friends  what is the Anthem Branding brand story? How did it come to be? 

We started Anthem Branding in an art studio off from my garage 12 years ago — and while that sounds cliché these days, it’s more than that. I was introduced to my current business partner, Pete Burhop, who was looking to do something different. He was in a corporate environment, had a background in non-profit development, and had a bunch of connections in different industries. He was looking to control his own destiny as well.

Soon, we realized we have similar drive and values, but he has a bunch of strengths I don't have and vice versa. We are a pretty formidable team and decided to go all-in and build something special.

We strived to find a way to distinguish ourselves and the company from the run-of-the-mill promotional product companies everyone was using into a discerning creative and design tactile-advertising agency that works with clients who were looking for something different and of high-quality.

We started Anthem in 2006 when the economy wasn’t great. It was a bit of a leap of faith  we both had two young kids at home, living in Boulder, we both had mortgages; there was no fallback or safety net. We were all-in and we were walking a tightrope so to speak. We needed to make it work immediately. I’m sure many of you out there can relate here.

I was fortunate to have been in the promotional product industry for over a decade and nurtured a bunch of client relationships. Most of them really enjoyed working with me and were more than happy to continue to work with me. I was able to hit the ground running and focus on building a culture and a company that I wanted.

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The challenge

Working with high caliber clients like Google, Viacom, Atlantic Records, and Burton Snowboards, we needed to set ourselves apart, we couldn't just offer the same thing everyone else was offering.

You have to have better energy, better passion, and better ideas. We started looking at fashion, music, and action sports industry trends and focusing on the details that made them stand out. Our goal has been to deliver our clients a fashion-forward solution that translates the essence of their brand through a physical product.  

Our solution

This view became a unique value proposition for our agency. It’s baked into the DNA of what we do day in, day out and lays the bedrock of what is now Anthem Branding: a company founded on a passion to push the status quo aside. It is that element that activates our team to carry out our brand’s purpose:

We successfully connect businesses, people, and ideas via creative thinking, relevant products, collaborative partnerships, open communication, and reliable execution.

And once we built out our values based on our brand purpose, we continue to tangibly parlay them into our own custom merchandise line up.

  1. Creativity: Our agency employs every resource to achieve successful results.

  2. Collaborative: We create connections that support and foster valuable, lasting partnerships.

  3. Evolution: We embrace change, and employ a nimble approach to problem-solving.

  4. Excellence: We set a high standard for ourselves and realize exceptional results.

  5. Character: We exhibit respect and are committed to continuous improvement.

  6. Trust: We display open and effective communication, with a focus on teamwork.

  7. Community: We make a positive difference in our community, both internally and externally.

  8. Adventure: Exploration and humor are integral to our personal and professional lives.

"Ideas are cheap. Always be passionate about ideas and communicating those ideas and discoveries to others in the things you make." - Charles Eames

When we began to build out our custom merchandise, private label apparel line, and unique promotional products this quote from Charles Eames remained top-of-mind for us. We are passionate about what we do, but without tangibly communicating that passion to our clients, building a lasting emotional connection would be near impossible. 

All of our custom gear — whether it's a private label tee or hoodie, custom headwear, or a unique line of promotional products  are crafted to tell a part of our brand story. We take the same approach with items we design and create for every single client. 

But we don't just make stuff, we make stuff people want to keep, and that's what makes our merchandise, apparel, and promotional products special. 

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Anthem Branding private label apparel 

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Anthem Branding custom apparel

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