The Dopest Hat Style On Trend (According To Gen Z Consumers)

Posted by Anna Sork on May 1, 2017 12:53:53 PM
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A ton of studies have been circling the internet educating us on the next wave of consumers, Generation Z. As a design agency, we pride ourselves on the research and analysis we put forth when it comes to upcoming trends and demographic preferences to ensure our clients' merchandise is always on point, which is why we decided to chat with a group of Gen Z teens to hear from the source themselves. 

After diving into a variety of categories, from brands they love, music they jam to, snacks they can't live without, and even their celebrity crushes, one overwhelming takeaway was their headwear style of choice: the 5-panel hat. 

It's All About The 5-Panel 

Also commonly referred to as the "camper" or "camp cap," this stylish piece of headwear is essential to the Gen Z wardrobe. Constructed out of five panels instead of the traditional six, this hat style looks a bit unstructured, giving off a more casual vibe.

While this trend originally caught on in the early 2000s with Supreme, a wildly popular New York-based retail brand, the 5-panel hat has recently picked up a ton of buzz among this younger demographic. Big name retailers have began adding this piece to their collections, though, according to our sources, it's not so much about the popularity of the brand that they are concerned with but rather the design of the hat that catches their eye. 

Check out 5 of our favorite 5-panels we've designed for our clients (and one of our own!) to see what all the buzz is about. 

1. Kind Designs Topo Camper

Kind Design_Topo_front_01.jpgKind Design_Topo_detail_02.jpgKind Design_interior_03.jpg

2. Slip Stream Sports 5-Panel

Slip Stream Sports_front_01.jpgSlip Stream Sports_detail_03.jpgSlip Stream Sports_interior_02.jpg

3. Upright Cyclist Camp Cap

Upright Cyclist_front_01.jpg

4. STS9 Tribal 5-Panel


5. Anthem Branding Camper

Anthem Branding_Camper_front_03.jpg

After chatting with a group of teens about their favorite trends, the verdict is in: Generation Z is obsessed with the camper hat. If your business is looking to connect with the next generation of consumers, adding this key custom headwear piece to your brand's merchandise will help you reach your goals. Our branding experts can help with a design that is unique to the essence of your brand while resonating with your target audience. Let's create something together.

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