The Effect of Retail Packaging Design on Consumer Buying Behavior

Posted by Tyler Browning on Apr 6, 2017 6:44:00 AM
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A first impression is almost impossible to erase. Strong retail packaging design gives manufacturers the opportunity to make sure the first impression of their product is a good one. Almost everyone strives to make the best impression possible when it can result in a date, a new friend or a chance to show respect to someone who deserves it. Manufacturers are no different, but their motivation in making an impression with retail packaging design is related to profit. The more their product impresses you, the more likely you are to buy it.

Considering the Impact

Seventy percent of shoppers make a purchase decision while looking at a package on the shelf. Scientific research indicates that the best packaging represents a brand’s values, and also shows that the product enhances an experience.

The impact of retail packaging designs is drawn from the intensive study of descriptive statistics, correlations and predictions, all of which come down to the same conclusion: packaging matters. Studies conclude that package design is one of the most reliable tools in marketing. Vivid design and colors that deliver a happy feeling contribute to the buyer's influence of custom retail packaging. Additionally, a package that is easy to open, use and dispose of has a positive influence on the consumer. 


Understanding the Story Behind the Brand

Forbes offers some basic advice that marketers can use to their advantage. Take notice of the unique shapes that draw your attention to a package. Designers use them to point to a key element of a brand, and to solidify a purchase decision. Observe the power of simplicity on the products that you buy.

Sir Bananas White Wave Retail Packaging Design 

Making Food and Beverage Packaging Memorable

Food, beverages, beer, wine and spirits have an attraction to many people for the pleasure that they provide. Engaging consumers' visualization ability can simplify the custom retail packaging and marketing process. Successful retail packaging design lets each product have an identity that reminds consumers of events and stories of the unique and satisfying experience it provided for them.

Portraying characteristics of the target buyer persona, such as beer drinkers as sociable, can help establish a familiar association with your product. A winemaker found that 66 percent of young shoppers choose a bottle based on its label. Whereas, mid-age consumers often use a label to find information about a wine’s flavor and the region that supports a particular kind of grape. 

Frico Wine Label Retail Packaging Design

A key to developing a lasting appeal that attracts customers to a brand is finding their preference and providing it. Custom retail packaging lets the product name provide immediate recognition while enhancing its reputation and engendering loyalty.

Make your product stand out on the shelf. Speak to a branding expert about how to effectively design your product packaging, and start connecting with your consumers!



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