The Importance of Packaging & Branding: Beer and Wine

Posted by Deanna Hoffman on Feb 4, 2020 9:45:00 AM
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Picture this: you’ve created an outstanding craft beer or wine, but in a saturated market, it’s a struggle to discover the perfect retail packaging recipe that encompasses just how wonderful your product is.

Being the most eye-catching and distinguishable amongst other brands in your industry is also at the top of your wish list.

Sound familiar?

Here’s what we’ve done recently to help brands create that 5-star packaging and branding recipe to stand out in a sea of noise.

Stand out in a saturated market

Upslope Brewing started in a cluttered craft brewing environment where many in the industry designed packaging inspired by the outdoors.

Wanting to stay true to their outdoor-inspired brand ethos, Upslope yearned for a clean and modern design aesthetic that stood out amongst competitors.

With this in mind, we designed a fresh, recognizable logo for Upslope along with an easy-to-understand color system for their varietals.

Upslope Brewing Company retail can design by Anthem Branding


Upslope Brewing Company primary logo by Anthem Branding
Upslope Brewing Company retail can system by Anthem Branding


Up your wine packaging game

Frico Frizzante by Scarpetta was the first-of-its-kind to bring wine to the aluminum can.

In an industry where customers expect to see glass wine bottles, Scarpetta took an innovative leap with this eco-friendly and trendsetting can design which resonated well, specifically with their millennial target audience.

Anthem was not only able to collaborate on the design on this can, but also the packaging that it came in.

Boxes are designed with the front of the brand's iconic pig on one side and the back of the pig on another so when stacked the two halves connect.

This design works especially well in large stores as multiple boxes interact with one another, making a larger piece of art when stacked on a liquor store floor.

Take a look for yourself!

Frico Frizzante by Scarpetta can design by Anthem Branding


Frico Frizzante by Scarpetta can design by Anthem Branding


At the end of the day, what’s most important in your packaging and branding design is that it really jumps off the shelf and sticks in your consumer’s mind.

Want to know what will really make your design POP? Speak with one of our brand experts today and find a branding design that is perfect for you!



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