The Power of Cannabis Brand Merchandising

Posted by Anna Sork on Apr 27, 2017 12:41:20 PM
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Eight states and Washington D.C. have fully legalized marijuana, which means that cannabis is a budding and booming business. From the plant's natural flowers to edible treats to topical ointments, there are dozens of possibilities for cannabis products. Entrepreneurs who head legal weed brands find themselves in a competitive industry where brand merchandising truly matters.

It's really no secret that strong merchandising efforts can boost business, but what are canna entrepreneurs to do given strict advertising regulations on their products? The answer may well be creating strong brand merchandise that people want to talk about. After all, word of mouth is key in this industry. Give consumers stellar service, catchy custom merchandise or unique promotional products, and they're likely to tell friends about your brand. 

Brand Merchandising in the Cannabis Industry

Strong branding sells products, and there's no exception in the worlds of recreational and medical marijuana. Consumers want to find products that meet their exact needs and provide consistent quality so that they can champion them again and again. Creating products that have strong branding value and are easy to identify goes a long way towards that goal. It's important that your consumers can recognize your products as soon as they see them.

Take Marley Natural as an example. One of the biggest brands in the canna industry, Marley Natural uses the name recognition of Bob Marley paired with exceptional products and ingenious branding to keep customers talking. A striking, regal lion meets with bold, Rastafarian colors to create a branded look that instantly communicates identity and value. The company's successful is an example of how important brand merchandising is to long-term success in this new industry. 

Reaching the Right Demographic with Brand Merchandise

Building emotional links between your consumers and your products drives success. Making real connections to the individuals who purchase your goods transforms them from casual customers into passionate brand advocates. Clients need to know that you're different from other companies. When you use custom merchandise, you send the message that clients can be proud to advertise their affiliation with your brand in their everyday lives.


Branded merchandise helps you not only reach a wide audience, but, more importantly, reach the audience that makes the most sense for your brand. You can choose brand merchandise and unique promotional products that match the demographic you're targeting. Whether you choose branded lighters, dope custom hats or something else altogether, the merchandise you offer should speak to your brand identity while complementing your product offerings. It should create opportunities for consumers to interact with your brand and represent it to like-minded individuals they know.


Using Brand Merchandising to Overcome Strict Ad Regulations

For canna entrepreneurs, creating successful marketing campaigns can present significant challenges because of the strict advertising regulations in place for such products. In many states, cannabis advertising regulations are very similar to tobacco ad regulations. Reaching the right customer base takes savvy. Brand merchandising is a smart way to promote cannabis products and grow your cannabis brand without violating state laws.

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