Tips for Promoting an Inclusive Workplace Culture

Posted by Ted Church on Dec 5, 2019 10:39:00 AM
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I tell our clients all the time that company culture is one of the most important aspects of building a thriving competitive business. In today’s diverse workplace environment, it’s more important than ever to make sure your employees feel that they belong and their unique characteristics are accepted and supported.

Similar to recognizing employees for a job well done or hitting career milestones, acknowledging employees with company merchandise helps them to feel more connected with the organization — providing them with items that enable them to outwardly showcase their pride and loyalty.

Employees who feel their work environment is inclusive — that is, not only open to gender and race diversity but where everyone feels they are heard and have an equal opportunity to contribute to the business — are generally happier, more satisfied, and are more productive.

Workplace inclusivity is the ultimate win-win for employees and businesses but so many organizations are either not investing in an inclusive culture strategy or not fully committed to making it work, putting even more onus on HR leaders to find a solution that satisfies all stakeholders.

Inclusion impacts your organization’s bottom line

Organizations with established inclusive cultures are proven to exceed financial goals, double their productivity, and reach better business outcomes.

An inclusive culture, according to Bersin by Deloitte, is made up of four elements:

  1. Fairness and respect
  2. Valued and belonging
  3. Safe and open
  4. Empowered and growing

Incorporate these elements into your strategic initiatives and bring them to life with on brand company merchandise.

Create a channel of communication through your company merchandise

We work with clients like Chipotle each year to create custom merchandise that shows the brand’s support and participation in Pride Month activities.

Custom Pride Month bandana for Chipotle by Anthem Branding

Everyday items like a bandana can carry company-wide value-based brand messaging to employees and customers.

Custom Pride Month bandana for Chipotle by Anthem Branding

Brands like SoulCycle communicate their Pride Month messaging through custom headwear.


Custom Pride hat for SoulCycle by Anthem Branding

Company merchandise plays an important role in building unity

By uniting a team with branded merchandise, they become more than individuals working for a company; they become members of a bigger community, and that is a powerful feeling. This sense of unity often grows beyond the workplace, fostering their shared dedication of being part of your team into loyal relationships in the real world.

Choose items that you know your employees will use such as water bottles, custom backpacks, or apparel items. Work with our branding team to help incorporate your messaging and brand identity into each item uniquely and authentically.

There are many opportunities to give these items to your employees such as:

  • During employee onboarding
  • At a company inclusion event
  • The annual holiday party
  • During nationally celebrated events such as Pride Month

Contact our branding team to learn more about the possibilities.

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