Top 5 Drinkware Products Your Brand Needs for Millennial Consumers

Posted by Anna Sork on Apr 12, 2017 6:30:00 AM
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Millennial consumers have a taste for sleek design and innovation when it comes to their drinkware. Rather than driving them to purchase these vessels from popular retailers, gift them with products they love, adorned with your brand's unique identity. Put your brand in their hands on every adventure. Below are the top 5 drinkware products trending in their demographic. 

1. h2go FORCE

One of the most popular designs on the market, this stainless steel thermal bottle is double-walled, keeping your hot beverages hot for up to 12 hours, and cold beverages chilled for 24 hours. Did I mention you can fit an entire bottle of wine in there?

h2go FORCE


2. h2go SWIG

Similar to the h2go FORCE, but redesigned with a modern twist. This insulated stainless steel bottle keeps your thirst quenched all day, staying cold for up to 16 hours and hot for 8 hours. 

h2go SWIG

3. h2go KARMA

One of the trendiest options on the list - and my personal favorite, this luxe glass bottle keeps millennials hydrated in style. The removable protective silicone sleeve allows your consumer to swap out your designs, so this hydrating accessory always matches their ensemble. 

h2go KARMA

4. h2go EVEREST

This insulated thermal growler is perfect for every adventure. Holding up to 64 oz. of liquids, your audiences' thirst will stay satisfied for days.


5. h2go CARRY

Of course, the list would not be complete without mentioning the sleekest way for millennials to enjoy their beverages from the convenience of their pockets. This acrylic flask will have your brand be the talk of every party.

h2go CARRY

Gift your millennial consumers with products they love, custom designed for your brand. Our private label capabilities eliminate the confusion of co-branding your promotional drinkware with popular retail names (and the high costs that come with it).

Curious about how our drinkware products stand up to your favorite retail brands? Download our Private Label Drinkware deck for full details and comparisons. 

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