Trendspotting: Craft Beer Merchandise That Will Wow Your Customers

Posted by Anna Sork on Oct 16, 2017 10:17:50 AM
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Custom and unique merchandise not only wows customers, but allows breweries to stand out in a competitive market. Scroll through below to see what we’ve created recently.

1. Backpacking Hammock with Beer-holder Pocket

Backpacking Hammock with Beer-holder Pocket

Made from light-weight ripstop nylon, this completely custom hammock has a stuff sack to hold the hammock on the way into the woods, and a built-in pocket to hold two beers, as you sway between trees.

2. Insulated Beer Cooler

Lost Abbey Insulated Beer Cooler Anthem Branding

This fully customizable cooler is not only fully decked out with unique decoration, the padded and insulated interior has partitions that lock in place with velcro – giving you full versatility for bottles and cans of all shapes and sizes.

3. Collapsible Bike 6-pack Holder

Collapsible Bike 6-pack Holder Anthem Branding

This unique 6 pack holder carries both cans or bottles securely on your bike or by hand. Snaps and a small detachable leash keep it in place as you race home before the beer warms up. Added bonus? It collapses down to fit in your hand.

4. Lapel Pins

Custom Half Acre Beer Lapel Pins Anthem Branding

Elevating your brewery or favorite beer(s), a set of lapel pins allows extensive detail, are robust, an can be pinned to nearly anything.

5. Retro Lunch Pail Cooler

Retro Lunch Pail Cooler

Bring back the good ole days with this custom insulated cooler that’s tough as nails since it’s metal. You know what else is metal? Using it as a shield if you’re ever stuck in a bar fight.

6. Beer Can Sling

Custom Beer Can Sling Anthem Branding

An insulated, zipper-access can sling allows you to stow a six pack of cans and go where ever you do. Five cans nest securely inside the sling, while you begin working on your first beer, safely stowed in the detachable koozie.

Final Thoughts

Don't let your brewery merchandising efforts fall wayside to your competitors. Partner with us to translate what makes your brewery you into rad craft beer merchandise to gift to your craft beer connoisseurs. Let's create something together.

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