Turning Employees into Brand Advocates with Custom Merchandise

Posted by Pete Burhop on Feb 22, 2018 12:22:42 PM
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Custom merchandise is more than just apparel with your logo stamped on it. It gives supporters of your brand a chance to become advocates -- especially your employees. Branded merchandise is an awesome way to make your employees feel special, feel part of a community, and fosters a thriving company culture. Wearing branded merchandise that represents a company that employees are proud to work for will make them feel appreciated for their roles and accomplishments.

A great way to think about the importance of branded merchandise is to look at sports teams, and the excitement that fans get when there favorite team jersey is available to purchase. Your employees should feel the same way when you have branded merchandise! Make merch that your staff will be proud to wear. 

Here are some fun, creative, custom merchandise ideas that your employees will love to show off.  

Branded Organizer Zip Pouches






Branded Notebooks 





Let your own employees be your best brand advocates, and watch your company culture thrive when you introduce rad merchandise they can wear and share with friends and family.

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