Using Brand Merchandising to Enhance Employee Involvement

Posted by Pete Burhop on Jun 26, 2017 11:58:42 AM
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In addition to driving connections between your customers and your business, proper brand merchandising can also add value internally by improving employee morale and involvement. Read below for some easy ways to foster employee involvement with branded merch.

  • Use Branded Material Around the Workspace. Items dawning the company's branding and values such as branded stationary, pens, coffee mugs, private label apparel, and the like can be used to reinforce unity around the brand and promote team spirit around the office.

  • Use Branded Items to Welcome New Employees. Curating a gift of branded merchandise to welcome new employees to the team with is a strong approach to introducing the brand story, and instilling a sense of community from the moment they come on board. 

  • Use Branded Products to Reward Outstanding Performers. Companies that reward outstanding employees with awards and prizes are often appreciated by their team members and in turn receive strong dedication to driving success for the business. If such prizes include premium company merchandise and apparel, it can be another way to promote the brand while giving back to top-performers.


Brand merchandising can be an effective tool to drive engagement with your brand both externally and internally. Take advantage of these tips to enhance employee involvement for your team. Download our free Premium Brand Merchandising Checklist to get the best results from your merchandise. 


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