Vehicle Wraps & Other Branded Decals for Restaurants Offering Delivery

Posted by Melissa Kovach on Apr 29, 2020 9:45:00 AM
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If your restaurant has shifted to offering delivery and/or curbside pickup, you may be looking for ideas on how to retain a high level of connection with your local community.

Shifting your operation to something potentially very new to you during such a hectic time can be unsettling, but it also can be a time to think of new ways to keep brand awareness alive and well.

It’s very likely that your most loyal patrons know the changes to your menu, services, delivery details, etc. after scoping out your Instagram or Facebook, opening their customer newsletter, or stopping by your website.

Yet, for those who may not come across your brand on those channels, there is still a tremendous opportunity to attract new customers while your drivers are out delivering meals.

Delivery vehicle branding options

If your restaurant doesn’t offer delivery normally and this is your first time doing so or maybe you need to update what you have, vehicle branding is a great way for your brand to become highly visible; think of it like creating an advertisement on wheels!

Vehicle wraps

We worked with WD-40 Bike a while back on this custom vehicle wrap to help differentiate themselves in the market from their parent brand (WD-40) while maintaining the existing brand standards.

Custom vehicle wrap for WD-40 Bike by Anthem Branding

Custom vehicle wrap for WD-40 Bike by Anthem Branding

Custom car toppers

If you’re not interested in transforming a car fully with vinyl wraps, try a custom car topper that can be affixed to the roof of any vehicle. Plus, it can be illuminated during night time deliveries!

custom car topper - Pic from to show concept only(Pic from to show concept only)

Custom car magnets

Another good temporary solution is to use magnetic door decals that affix to the car door. Don’t forget to get two for both sides of the car!

Custom car magnet - Pic from to show concept only

(Pic from to show concept only)

Vinyl window stickers

Easy to apply and remove, vinyl stickers can be a good solution if you’re seeking some more creativity and customization. You stick either inside a car window or outside and there are a handful of different vinyl application options such as clear or perforated vinyl depending on the look you’re aiming for. They last about three years.

Vinyl window stickers - pic from for concept only
Vinyl window stickers - pic from for concept only

(Pics from to show concept only)

Branded apparel

For restaurants who don’t normally have delivery drivers, don’t forget to swag them out with a custom shirt and hat, at the very least! This way, your brand has ultimate exposure from the moment the car leaves the restaurant to your patron’s door!

Custom hats for The Post by Anthem Branding

Stranahans custom apparel blue tshirt

Protective gear for your employees

Very important during this time is to make sure those who are delivering your delicious food stay healthy. Your patrons will also feel comforted when they see the proper precautions are in place. Each driver should have a protective mask, disposable nitrile gloves, and hand sanitizer. Read our post from earlier this week to see other ideas to keep your employees safe.

Let’s expand the reach of your restaurant brand

In times as tough as these, it’s always helpful to see the silver lining. While business is challenging, to say the least, applying your visual brand system in new ways will only help your brand go in the right direction forward.

Get in touch with one of our branding experts to get things started!


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