Walking Billboards: Let Custom Branded Merchandise Do The Leg Work for You

Posted by Graciela Robertson on Mar 29, 2019 3:42:59 PM
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In today’s digital age, it can be a struggle to keep up with ever-changing trends.

You may ask, how can my brand keep up?

Custom merchandise can serve as a walking billboard,  so-to-speak, for your brand — advertising anywhere it's worn by your fans or employees. This article will discuss the benefits of custom merchandise and the impact it has on your marketing strategy.

Custom brand merchandise by Anthem Branding


Walking billboards are a mobile medium

“The medium is the message” was famously coined by the father of communications, Marshal McLuhan, and proves true when we think about the role of custom merchandise plays for a brand.

In this respect, custom merchandise is the medium in which a person can wear a brand’s custom merchandise, displaying their brand love wherever they go, sending a message of their support.

Whether your brand uses private label custom headwear or custom merchandise or you're looking to do so, take some time and think about the chosen medium and its message.


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How custom branded merchandise can do the leg work for you

High-quality products elevate the idea they are proverbial a walking billboard. Branded merchandise ups the ante for brand awareness and reach beyond the reaches of traditional advertising.


Quality custom merch helps build an emotional connection with your core consumers. Don’t resort to cheap tchotchkes! Take the time to make a lasting connection and give your audience something they will actually want to keep and use — or better yet, actually seek out, like in our SRAM case study.

SRAM quote for Anthem Branding

How Chargrill Charlie's uses custom merchandise to promote their brand

Chargrill Charlie’s, a Sydney-based gourmet food store, was previously challenged with a way to creatively display and grow their brand.

We took Chargrill Charlie's brand ethos and translated it through design to produce high-quality branded merchandise and created their own unique custom merchandise line serving the same purpose as a billboard.

Chargrill Charlie's raw edged t-shirt by Anthem Branding

Chargrill Charlie’s started their merchandise, apparel, and headwear programs with custom headwear and once they saw how successful the headwear was, they ventured into creating an apparel line.

After the launch, all of their custom merchandise was such a massive hit that they ran out of towels, sliders, and tees; over 200 custom headwear orders were waiting for them in their inboxes. That’s the power of high-quality branded merchandise!


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See what kind of custom merchandise Anthem Branding can create for your brand

Let quality, well-designed, and unique custom merchandise speak for itself. Connect with one of our brand experts to curate exactly what your brand needs in order to effectively communicate your brands core values.

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