What LinkedIn Has Taught Me About New Hire Welcome Packages

Posted by Anna Sork on May 18, 2017 2:05:02 PM
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Lately, it seems like every time I log into LinkedIn there's a new post on my feed about an employee's first day at a new company, accompanied by a photo of the company swag he or she was welcomed with. Initially, I just smiled at these posts and carried on scrolling through my feed, but as I started seeing more and more pop up, and noticing the rapidly growing number of shares each post was receiving, these updates started to really catch my attention. 

As the true data and analytic nerd that I am, I decided to take a closer look to see if there are any significant trends around this recent buzz. After diving into a number of posts and comments, I noticed three consistent benefits new hire welcome packages bring to a company.

1. Immediate Sense of Community 

You know that nervous feeling you get when you step outside of your comfort zone and try something new? That combination of excitement and fear that you can't help but feel when walking into an unfamiliar setting, even though you know it will eventually subside once you get acquainted with the people, or acclimated to the new environment? Well, with the help of thoughtful welcome gifts, that feeling seems to be becoming less and less apparent on the first day in a new workplace. 

One thing that really stood out to me when diving into the LinkedIn posts was the language used in each of the captions. Phrases like "unforgettable first day" and "excited to be part of this amazing family," and hashtags like #squadgoals, #newadventure and #lovemynewteam are a common theme throughout each share, showing a sense of comradery that these new employees feel right off the bat. Establishing a strong company culture is something a lot of companies strive to achieve, and being welcomed with gear dawning the company's branding is proving to be a powerful tool for instilling a sense of unity from the moment someone joins the team. And the candidness of sharing these posts on social media, with (seemingly) zero incentive behind posting them, is a testament to the genuine feeling of belonging new hires are experiencing. 


2. Brand Exposure

Another thing I noticed is that a majority of these posts showing up on my feed were shared by 2nd and 3rd+ connections, and associated with companies that I don't follow, and often have never even heard of. Having people in my network "like" and comment on these updates has exposed me to some truly awesome brands, and I am sure many people can relate to that. The visual aesthetic of the cohesive branding and unique merchandise in the photos consistently draws me in to find out more about the brand, and continues to exponentially grow in reach when I in turn "like" and share it with my audience.


With so much awareness being driven by a simple photo of the merchandise online, one can only imagine the word-of-mouth exposure a brand gains when the branded apparel is worn in real life. Having someone publicly represent your brand in their day-to-day is like a walking testimonial that they stand behind what your business is all about.

3. Lead Generation

After digging through the comments written on these posts, I saw an overwhelming amount of people noting how excited they are about the potential to collaborate. And not just in a generic, "salesy" way. But rather actual, personal connections reaching out to explore the value their contact's new opportunity can bring to both of them. People who are intrigued by how "awesome this company looks!" and who are interested in the product or service the company offers, even going as far as to request meetings or introductions with the right person in order to get started on a demo. 

Of course, networking like this is what LinkedIn was built for... But, I can't help but recognize that the quality of the brand and the culture behind it that is translated through these gifted items, and put on display in these photos, is helping nurture contacts into leads. As a consumer, seeing how invested a company is in the experience it provides for it's team members is a clear reflection of the level of investment put towards the quality of their product or service, and, more importantly, the quality of the experience they provide for their customers. 

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