Why Retail Packaging Details Matter

Posted by Melissa Kovach on May 14, 2019 10:19:00 AM
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To keep their custom merchandise line trend-forward and market relevant, craft breweries and distilleries are latching onto the latest accessory trend: Fashion bandanas and sun shields reminiscent of the 1990s. 

And while they are throwback items that remind us of 2Pac or Gwen Stefani or even further back to the days of the Rosie the Riveter era, the retail packaging of these iconic accessories packs the biggest punch for your brand — at least, initially.

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Why retail packaging matters

Custom promotional products and retail packaging by Anthem Branding

Take a look at the picture above that has an array of products displayed together. Whether you are selling branded accessories at your brewery or distillery or looking to sell them elsewhere, it’s the product’s retail packaging that helps it to stand out.

For sun shields and/or bandanas, the packaging is not only a great place to add your logo and clever and unique branding, but a way to offer some tips like how to wear the item. Retail packaging details by Anthem Branding 

Retail packaging can have many surprise and delight moments 

The picture above is an example of how brands leverage retail packaging to inspire their customers on how to wear the item and add another touchpoint in the customer experience. It’s a great opportunity to showcase your brand personality by adding some surprise and delight moments.

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Anthem Branding as your retail packaging partner

Like one of our idols always said, it’s all about the details. We collaborate with clients to transform their brand into a unique visual identity through custom retail packaging and private label design.

We strive to deliver our clients an authentic branded experience to their consumers. See our retail packaging work for a variety of products and industries.

Reach out to one of our branding experts to see what we can create together.


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