Work Wear Community Modernizes Women’s Work Wear Style

Posted by Graciela Robertson on Jan 25, 2019 11:34:46 AM
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Frustrated by oversized and slob-like workwear, founder and owner Lesia, created her own solution. She was inspired to create a functional, high-quality, women’s workwear line that is a simple, fashionable clothing brand tailored for women who work in skilled trades like agriculture and farming.

Workwear clothing, stereotypically designed for men, is typically androgynous and has a one-size-fits-all approach. Yet women compromise over half the labor force, according to the U.S. Dept. of Labor, so Lesia hit a crossroad between how clothes should make you feel and what function the clothing actually serves.

Rather than choosing style or function, she combined the two concepts and named it WorkWear Community.

WorkWear is not just a clothing line, but a community

Founder Insight: Leisa

WorkWear, while originally a clothing line idea, has evolved into a bigger picture concept -- creating a community of strong women supporting one another. WorkWear is a community for women that want to look good while getting their hands dirty...without sacrificing functionality. 

How Anthem Branding built the WorkWear brand and visual identity

WorkWear Community Mission by: Anthem Branding

Evoking feeling through design

Built around a community, WorkWear is a new brand that caters to hard-working women in skilled and trade labor. After all, we humans are social creatures -- constantly trying to fulfill our desire to belong. We found this to be a foundational element to incorporate into the WorkWear brand identity and through the nuances in their upcoming workwear line. Since WorkWear is structured around shattering the stigma around women working in non-traditional industries and jobs, the appeal needs to thread this community of like-minded people together and serve as the brand’s main narrator.

WorkWear is by: Anthem Branding

Using the logo design to communicate the brand mission and vision

WorkWear Community Icon Stamp by: Anthem BrandingOur creative team developed the WorkWear logo to strategically articulate the ethos of the brand -- intentional, classic, and inspirational. The icon uses the intertwining letters of WorkWear to symbolize Lesia’s desire for the brand to drive connection and build an uplifting community. The logo concept evokes a feeling of confidence through it's elegant simplicity and compliments the brand's overall mission and vision. The use of an upward loop symbolizes the positive growth a lasting community-based connection can bring to a woman’s life.


Creating the visual identity and applying it to a brand toolkit

As a unique creative design agency, we built the WorkWear Community’s visual identity system -- exploring everything from the brand color palette and typography in order to find assets that articulate WorkWear’s message. This empowers the brand to connect with their audience in a unique space consistently. Keep your eyes peeled onWorkWear Community and their clothing line release, set to go on sale early Spring of 2019!

WorkWear Community Logos by: Anthem BrandingSee what Anthem Branding can create for your brand

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