5 Millennial-Approved Branded Apparel Trends

Posted by Anna Sork on Mar 29, 2017 10:20:06 AM
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Millennials are taking over the consumer market. Their demand for personal and authentic experiences has heavily influenced how we approach traditional business practices, from transforming the workplace environment to innovating the way consumer goods are being sold. This generation is confident in knowing what they want, and will seek out brands who are able to satisfy their demands. 

In addition to their value for authenticity, the Gen Y and Gen Z populations have developed a unique sense of style, one that is constantly evolving - making it somewhat of a struggle to keep up with. To keep your brand ahead of the curve, take note on these 5 trends in branded apparel that got the millennial stamp of approval.

5 Millennial-Approved Branded Apparel Trends 

1. "Not-your-dad's" Dad Hat

Half Acre Cord Dad Hat by Anthem Branding

Half Acre Cord Dad Hat by Anthem Branding

Client: Half Acre Beer Co.- by Anthem Branding

2. Sock Swag

Anthem branding custom high-quality socks

Trimble SketchUp Socks by Anthem Branding

Client: Trimble, SketchUp - by Anthem Branding

3. Flannels For Days

Avery brewing women's flannel by anthem branding

Client: Avery Brewing Co, - by Anthem Branding

4. Statement Hoodies

Google custom hoodie by Anthem Branding

Blue red and yellow google hoodie by Anthem Branding

Client: Google - by Anthem Branding

5. Aloha Everything

Lilikoi Collage Hawaiian Apparel 

Lilikoi Collage Hawaiian Hoodie Design

Client: Avery Brewing Co. - by Anthem Branding

Get your branded apparel on point with these trends and start connecting with the millennial generation.  Our branding experts are ready to start collaborating with you today.

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