6 New Employee Welcome Package Essentials Your Team Will Actually Use

Posted by Anna Sork on Aug 1, 2017 3:18:25 PM
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Anthem new hire gift kit by Anthem Branding

New hire gifts are all the buzz in the workplace lately. And rightfully so. What could be more welcoming than feeling a sense of community and belonging in your new environment right off the bat? Modern companies are taking advantage of this strategy by gifting new team members with quality merchandise and apparel on their first day - and if your company hasn't hopped onto this trend, it's time you do so. Here are 6 new employee welcome package essentials to get you started.

1. Custom Hats

Anthem custom headwear collection by Anthem Branding

2. Branded Water Bottles

Anthem branded water bottles by Anthem Branding

3. Premium Hoodies

Anthem high-quality custom branded hoodies by Anthem Branding

4. Journal & Pens

Custom branded company notebooks by Anthem Branding

5. Branded T-Shirts

Anthem branded company shirts by Anthem Branding

6. Utility Bag

Anthem utility bag by Anthem Branding

Ready to give your new team members an unforgettable first day? Partner with us to curate a new employee welcome package of your own. Let's collaborate on designing and producing the most authentic branded items that speak to the unique company culture you've created. 

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