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Posted by Riley Robinson-Higgins on Nov 19, 2019 8:37:00 AM
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With so much to do and so little time to do it, it may seem like a grueling task to think about building a brand merchandise program. Luckily, these branded essentials can help you get a running start and enter the business world with everything you need to sustain growth through custom merchandise.

Show everyone who you are

At the beginning stages of a start-up, no one knows who you are quite yet. Curating the right branded items and promotional products to represent your young brand is a great opportunity to get people to know and remember the company quickly.

To curate the perfect collection, here are a few starting questions:

Answering these questions gives you an idea of what direction to take your strategy and how to achieve your goals while making the investment benefit the growing business.

Consider the objectives

With brand merchandise, to really make it worthwhile, think about the goal you’d like to achieve. For young start-ups, companies like to outfit their new employees with swag and promotional gear to rep the brand and wear their pride.

You may be hitting the road to take as many sales meetings as you can. Shake up the norm, ditch the one-sheets, and leave behind well branded items that speak to your company. Make them usable like a notebook but with a unique twist that surprises those who use it.

Investing in branded merch without a focused objective often makes the investment fall flat and seen as an ineffective growth strategy.

Branded merch essentials

Team apparel

Outfitting your employees with branded t-shirts, custom headwear, and hoodies not only gives them a sense of exclusivity and pride but can help build a cohesive company culture through the experience of a shared identity.

Anthem Branded t-shirts by Anthem Branding


Anthem branded company t-shirt by Anthem Branding


Anthem custom company shirts by Anthem Branding

You can also use apparel to outfit your customers and effortlessly spread the word about your up-and-coming brand.


Custom headwear is a great way to increase brand awareness, represent your company during events and tradeshows, and to outfit your employees in company swag that promotes the brand to everyone in their network.

Anthem custom company headwear by Anthem Branding



Hats are customizable down to every last stitch, so you can design a collection like you are designing your company — from the ground up.

Company merch

When you are starting off at a new job, company merch can make all the difference between things feeling jumbled and scattered to things feeling organized and easily accessible.

Anthem modern company notebook by Anthem Branding

With new people to meet and new processes and programs to learn, you want to create a nice atmosphere for your new employees to feel at ease and included with the team.

Craft notebooks_01

Start off right with branded office supplies like water bottles, backpacks, tumblers, company stationary, notebooks — the works.

This can show to both your employees and investors that your company is dedicated to creating a consistent brand identity inside and outside of the workplace.


Contact us to get started so that you can check these essentials off the list.

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