Custom Headwear Highlight: 6 Panel Hats

Posted by Jordan Eckes on Nov 14, 2018 5:01:19 PM

6 panel custom headwear has been out and about for a while. You have seen it on your friend, your boss, the barista at the local shop, even the random stranger across the street. The consistency isn't a bad thing, people love this approachable style. A 6 panel hat is a popular crown construction for a custom headwear choice that is cool for everyone on the block.

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6 panel hats are more than just the standard baseball cap

Every company has an original 6 panel hat. It’s the basis to any custom headwear line — everyone loves them and keeps consistently buying them. 6 panel hats are way more than the standard run-of-the-mill baseball cap that people believe them to be; they are the bread and butter of custom headwear.

Brands like Supreme, a very millennial, New York street-style company, all the way to Vineyard Vines, a very East Coast preppy company, sell 6 panel hats. Both of these companies have different brand identities and different target audiences, but they can both agree on one thing: 6 panel hats are essential to your custom headwear starter pack. 

Boa Hat

6 panel hat styles

Dad Hat

This kind of style is for people that can't help themselves — they have to make a dad joke every five seconds of the day. 

Custom dad hat by Anthem Branding


Any adventurous hiker or fly fishing enthusiast has a 6 panel trucker hat in their closet; it's nearly a rite of passage at this point. 

6-Panel Trucker

Mesh back

For the people out there that center their day around performance and fitness. 

Modern Performance-back


Settled on a 6 panel hat style? Let's take a look at some customization add-ons that will elevate the style of your headwear even more: 

  • Brim rope
  • In-seam clamp tag
  • Metal eyelets
  • Snapback clamp tag
  • Under brim screen print
  • Layered brim

Any of these additional customization points will add more quality and pizzaz to your original design. Give it a go, you can't go wrong with any of these add-ons.

Let's not just slap a logo on it

Here’s the thing about us, we put more thought into... well, everything we do. While logo placement is important, especially on custom headwear, we aren’t just going to put it anywhere. We strategically place logo patches onto the headwear, couple the aesthetic to cut and sew something totally unique for your brand. This unmatched approach by others in our industry creates a stylish, sophisticated, and authentic product that tangible translates your brand.

No more cheap branding products that end up getting trashed by your consumers or employees later. We work with you to provide custom headwear pieces that can be a part of your retail line for years to come.

No matter what headwear style you end up choosing, at the end of the day, we will work with you to create a quality piece of merchandise that consumers will idolize.


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