How Company Merchandise Helps Create A Cohesive Company Culture

Posted by Ted Church on Jun 1, 2017 12:04:36 PM
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Company culture is one of the most important aspects of building a thriving business. People like to feel that they belong to something meaningful and greater than themselves, and your team members are no different. By making an effort to build and cultivate a strong culture within your company, you can help to ensure greater employee retention, satisfaction and loyalty. 

Some aspects of company culture are established through habits and the working environment itself. Others can be influenced through careful internal branding. Just as you communicate a brand message to your customers, you can also communicate your company values to your employees through the use of thoughtfully curated company merchandise.

How Can Company Merchandise Help Your Business?

When you think of branded merchandise, you likely think in terms of marketing to outside consumers. However, company swag can play an important role in building unity within your team and providing employees with a corporate identity.

T-shirts, coffee mugs, hats and other items can be useful for employees, and branding these with the company logo will help your office experience a shared identity. Consider this: Fans of a sports team will often show their appreciation by wearing the team logo. It acts as a way to signify their fan status and identify with other fans. The same principles can be applied to your company. 

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When employees share in the brand's identity, it becomes part of their identity as well. This helps to build cohesion within a team and can turn your workers into loyal brand ambassadors who are proud to be the face of the company, even on their days off. By uniting a team with branded merchandise, they become more than individuals working for a company; they become members of a bigger community, and that is a powerful feeling. This sense of unity often grows beyond the workplace, fostering their shared dedication of being part of your team into loyal relationships in the real world.


People who feel that they are contributing to something bigger than themselves are often more driven to go the extra mile. If your team members feel that their identities are tied closely to the company's identity, they will be more likely to put in the extra effort and speak highly of the company outside of working hours. 

Showing Appreciation and Building Loyalty

Building company culture doesn't happen overnight, and no single change will be responsible for bringing a team together. However, you can begin the process of creating your internal brand identity by providing your employees with gifts that show your appreciation of their hard work.


People love to feel that their work is recognized, appreciated and rewarded. In addition to monetary incentives, you can provide this sense of recognition by offering gifts to loyal employees. Even something as simple as a coffee mug bearing the company logo can instill a sense of pride and belonging, and these feelings of appreciation can lead to greater work productivity.


If you have not yet begun using company merchandise as part of your strategy for building a corporate identity for your team, now is the time to start. You may be surprised at how effective even a small gesture can be in bringing employees together. Contact us to speak to a branding expert, and start building a cohesive culture with merchandise today.

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