How to Make a Lasting Impression With Trade Show Giveaways

Posted by Anna Sork on Feb 6, 2017 11:27:40 AM
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Three Secrets to Making a Lasting Impression With Trade Show Giveaways

Trade shows are well-known for their giveaways, and booths that offer free items instantly have a leg up in comparison to their neighbors. Although it’s impossible to deny the appeal of helping attendees remember your brand, free handout culture can also lead to potential marketing challenges. 

With so many other companies offering free items, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. Here are a few ways to ensure that your promotional products stand out.

1. Engage People With Participation Benefits

Regardless whether you’re offering bags, pens or something less common, the chances are good that you’re not the only one doing so. Inject a bit of spice into your giveaways by linking them to cool participation activities.

Drum up hype by publicizing that you'll be giving away high-value items, like tablets, for a short window of time. Or before giving away hundreds of tote bags or custom hats, insert sweepstakes codes or branded calls-to-action inside of them. These surprise and delight touches will motivate recipients to hold on to your branded items longer.

trade show giveaways custom merchandise

2. Try Something That You Haven't Seen Before

Cheap writing utensils, stickers and cups are all too common. Why not mix things up by offering something completely different? 

Handing out unique promotional items, like a branded beanie or custom wallet, helps distinguish you from your nearby rivals. Even if you decide to give away something commonplace, like a USB flash drive, you can make yours stand out by customizing a model with an attractive design, premium features, extra storage or preloaded software sneak peaks. Although you’ll never be able to anticipate everything that you’re up against, taking the time to differentiate your giveaway items is always a smart idea.

SRAM custom merchandise trade show giveawaysSRAM USB custom merchandise trade show giveaways

3. Favor Functionality

Why are most trade shows awash in pens and cups? People are likely to use these items, so they have increased longevity. Capitalize on your giveaways by going beyond mere trinkets and trash.

For instance, items like branded cooler totes, ear buds, tablet screen protectors, mobile device chargers and first aid kits all have inherent value because they’re useful. Rare items are highly effective, but depending on what your firm specializes in, you can also pick something that reinforces your corporate mission or brand ethos. For instance, if you sell health products, handing out branded pedometers could be a massive hit with attendees who are more likely to associate your company with self-improvement.

Bestlife Pedometer trade show giveaways

Bestlife Pedometer trade show giveaways

Your trade show giveaway strategy might just determine whether setting up a booth is a worthwhile endeavor. For more awesome pointers on how to make a more resounding impact, check out our other blog articles or contact us to schedule a free consultation with a branding expert.



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