Customizing Eco-Friendly Apparel Can Actually Help Leverage your Brand

Posted by Graciela Robertson on Jul 11, 2018 4:53:05 PM
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How outdoor brands dominate their retail space and maintain their brand ethos

These days everyone what's to be eco-friendly. How and your brand encourage the movement? 

There are many outdoor brands in the retail space that dominate the market for quality outdoor apparel and gear. Their strong brand manifestos and initiatives create a more sustainable retail fashion model that challenges our current consumer culture. What can your brand do to expand your brand manifesto and brand mantra?  

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Backpacking: by Pinterest

 For the 3rd year in the row, REI closed down all 151 of their stores and website on Black Friday to promote their brand manifesto to #OptOutside. All of their employees received paid leave for the day to #OptOutside and enjoy the outdoors. Despite the holiday season shopping peak, REI is a brand innovator by defying cultural norms and shutting down all of their stores on one of the largest, most profitable, annual shopping days. 

Wild 2 by: Death to Stock

Other prospering outdoor brands have found a niche space in the market by positioning themselves as eco-friendly companies that recognize their impact on the environment

Marmot, Patagonia,  Helly Hansen and REI are just a few examples of outdoor brands making eco-friendly, sustainable, high quality products. Supporting resourceful, authentic companies and aligning your branded merchandise with their vision can also help leverage your own branded merchandise. 

What can your brand do to join the eco-friendly initiative?
Anthem Patch by: Anthem Branding

Adding a curated custom patch (see above!), pin, or unique embroidered logo to high quality branded merchandise like a Patagonia jacket promotes a sustainable and outdoor-sy lifestyle and it provides your consumer with a piece they're guaranteed to love and wear forever, and not end up in a landfill. Create a lasting connection with you branded merchandise and provide your customers emotional products not promotional ones. Customized high-quality merchandise can allow you to reach new audiences and create a positive brand perception with potentional.

Do you still have questions about how to create your own unique look with quality outdoor merchandise? 

Anthem Under Armour Jacket: by Anthem Branding


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