How to Use Trade Show Giveaways to Gain Social Media Followers

Posted by Anna Sork on Mar 23, 2017 12:16:48 PM
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Trade show giveaways are an essential part of event sponsorship, yet often become an afterthought when marketing professionals are planning a trade show campaign. When you put a strategy behind your giveaways, these items can be a powerful marketing tool for your brand. Follow these steps to boost your social media followers with branded merchandise.


Step 1: Develop a branded hashtag

Create a catchy, branded hashtag to track the success of your campaign. Include your hashtag and social handle in the design of your promotional products to point your audience in the right direction, and use this hashtag in related posts to help your audience find you. 

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Step 2: #Incentives4Follows

Feature high end promotional items at your trade show booth to entice attendees to follow you on your target platform. Make it a competition by offering your awesome swag to the "first 50 followers" - boosting your audience in real-time. 

Step 3: #Post4Prizes

Offer additional prizes to gift your new followers with when they use your branded hashtag, and include an insert with instructions on how to receive these prizes. For example, if your goal is to grow your Instagram audience, instruct your trade show giveaway recipients to follow your business on Instagram, post a photo of their new branded swag, and include your hashtag and handle in the caption. Not only do you gain a follower, but also fuel positive recogntioin for your brand in front of his or her audience. 

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Step 4: Analyze your success

Use social analytic tools to track the performance of your hashtag and your follower gains associated with the campaign. These insights can help you strategize for your next trade show.

Now that you are ready to plan your trade show giveaway strategy, make sure your giveaway items resonate with your target audience. The better your promotional items speak to your authentic brand story, the more enticing your incentives will be to get attendees to participate. 

Need suggestions for items to give away? Check out these 5 Unique Promotional Products to Inspire Your Brand's Line Up, or click below to speak to a branding expert.

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