Introducing Our Marketing Intern, Jordan Eckes #NationalInternday

Posted by Daniela Baldwin on Jul 26, 2018 5:44:34 PM
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In honor of #NationalInternDay, we wanted to introduce our amazing marketing intern, Jordan Eckes!  

 Jordan Eckes

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Q: Where are you from originally? And what’s your favorite thing about your hometown?

A: Originally I’m from Fort Collins, Colorado and then weirdly enough, I moved to Bentonville, Arkansas and spent most of my life there. I would say my favorite thing about Fort Collins is the Silver Grille Cafe. We used to go there after my brothers sports practices and eat the best cinnamon roll french toast. I still go there to this day.

And since most people haven’t been to Arkansas (or sadly, don’t even know where it is on the map), I might as well delve into my favorite thing about that place too. If you look hard enough, there is a small set of people that are outdoor enthusiasts and creatively driven. That’s where I first learned to rock climb too, so Arkansas does have some pros.

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Q: Where do you go to school and what is your major?

A: I go to school at the University of Colorado Boulder, and I am majoring in English and trying to acquire a minor in Business and TAMS (Technology Arts and Media Studies).

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Q: Favorite thing to do in Boulder? 

A: Hands down, hopping in a car with some friends and driving up to Lost Gulch. It’s a bit touristy, but I just love blasting music at full volume, driving in a car, and going somewhere. It provides this indescribable happiness for me and the friends that tag along. It helps that the view at the top isn’t too bad either.

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Q: What is your favorite thing about interning at Anthem?

A: There is an endless amount of creativity and freedom here. I am creating content day in and day out that I feel confident about, but I’m also adding so much more depth and knowledge to my skill set. As I keep working here, I start to see my future sharpen. It’s quite incredible how this internship has provided me so much insight on what I truly want to do later on, and the people here make it just that much better. I know on Thursdays, Kat will start playing some sick throwback jams. Graciela will be there providing some fun mom energy. I know Justine will always ask me about my weekend and how I’m doing. The people here at Anthem Branding provide an environment for some of the best work to be done at a business - a kind, positive, and welcoming one.

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Q: Most valuable thing you have learned in your internship so far?

A: Don’t be afraid to pitch ideas. Some internship environments might feel more intimidating than others, but be confident in what you know and how you want to change things for your company.

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Q: Favorite brand and why?

A: REI. I am big outdoors gal, and I love what they stand for. On top of their mission,  REI has amazing photography and video content they produce. They created this video about women coming together at the rock climbing gym and empowering each other to do better- that has always stuck with me.