Pizza Hut Generates Buzz For New Product Launch With Custom Pizza Parka

Posted by Anna Sork on Oct 11, 2017 1:18:46 PM
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Pizza Hut launched their all-new hot delivery system, a re-engineered pizza box designed with top-notch thermal technology, and is offering a limited edition custom Pizza Parka to generate buzz around the product launch - just in time for October's National Pizza Month.

The custom merchandise piece is designed with the same innovative thermal material as the pouch, keeping you nice and toasty as you enjoy your hot pie. The parka was custom built with additional features including weather-resistant material, pockets to stash packets of parmesan and red-pepper flakes, splash guards to stop marinara sauce from splashing around and a built-in window on the sleeve for easy smartphone use. The only thing it's lacking - a temperature-controlled pizza pouch that syncs to your smartphone, keeping your slice hot on-the-go! Just saying.

Pizza Hut Product Launch Custom Merchandise Pizza Parka

Image Source: Pizza Hut

As part of the campaign, customers who order online from Pizza Hut through the end of October will be entered for a chance to have a Pizza Parka delivered to their doorstep along with their pie. The brand is also leveraging social media for their product launch by allowing people to tweet the beloved pizza slice + flame emoji to @pizzahut to enter to win the exclusive giveaway item. 

Offering high-ticket, premium merchandise as limited-edition giveaways has proven to be a strong approach to driving engagement around such campaigns. Brand's are recognizing that FOMO - "fear of missing out" - is a real driving factor for younger consumers, especially in Gen Y and Gen Z demographics. With the help of social media, getting your hands on unique, quality items that bring an element of exclusivity is effective in hyping up your marketing efforts and connecting with your target audience. Not to mention, when done correctly, custom merchandise and apparel like this parka - featuring surprise and delight details - help tell a bigger story around the value your new product delivers. 


The Perfect Temp For Your Perfect Pie

Pizza Hut Product Launch Custom Merchandise

The innovative pizza box has been in discovery and development for more than two years, allowing the popular food chain to deliver a brand-new pouch designed with the ideal level of insulation to keep your pizza the perfect temperature. According to Hypebeast, the design "features three thermal insulations: a 3M Thinsulate Insulation used to warm ski jackets, a PET Aluminum Radiant Barrier that reflects heat, and a polyester fiber padding that traps heat inside like pink insulations."


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