Tips and Steps to Create True Connection Through Custom Merchandise

Posted by Riley Robinson-Higgins on May 31, 2019 9:15:00 AM
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Give employees, customers, and fans items they will use every day, everywhere

Custom merchandise that represents the ethos of Anthem Branding, by Anthem Branding

Translate the ethos of your brand

We all know about the stress and pressure that can stem from finding innovative ways to creatively promote and build your brand. When you don’t stand out from the crowd, it’s easy to get lost in it; which is why custom merchandise is so important.

If done right, custom merchandise can raise employee engagement, create community, and promote your brand as it becomes the tangible representations of your brand and what it stands for. Use these tips and tricks to get started. 

Dig in and do some research

Get to know what items are right for your business with items that will truly connect with who you are and what you do.

Find the right items for your brand

  • Make a list of the five things that people in your industry would use on a daily basis.
  • Ask yourself what you would use most frequently: A water bottle? A hoodie? A keychain? What are their biggest needs? Fulfill them by offering items that solve those needs.
  • Don’t do something until it feels just right. We work with you until we find the right product for your brand and that helps you achieve your custom merchandise objectives.

For example, custom branded koozies for breweries, makes sense right? 

Custom koozies for Revolution Brewing by Anthem Branding.

 Another example, athletic attire for an athletic lounge, the perfect fit. 

Custom water bottle and performance apparel for Edge Athletic Lounge by Anthem Branding

Build a community

Build a community with custom merchandise. A custom merch piece can start a conversation and become a visible way employees can show their loyalty and connection to their employer — meanwhile, promoting your brand wherever the apparel is worn.

  • Find high-quality, unique custom merchandise that communicates your brand’s personality.
  • Think about what makes your brand special, and work with us to create merchandise that communicates that uniqueness in order to transform your brand into physical representations that drive connection.

Custom merchandise for House of Blues by Anthem Branding 

For example, we worked with House of Blues to create custom merchandise to emulate the emotional connection people feel with music and the brand in a wearable and tangible way. This connection is grown through its custom merchandise program that connects people, music, and the brand.

Get creative 

Get creative and spark the conversation! We are focused on investing in crafting a creative brand experience, not a transactional one.

You can use items that people have seen before, just shake them up through their unique quality and fundamental creativity.

Stranahan’s Custom whiskey stones by Anthem Branding

You likely don’t think twice about how much an ice cube makes a difference, especially for the fine-tuned palettes of whiskey drinkers. That's why we worked with Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey to create custom whiskey stones — transforming a classic commodity item into something that drives conversation and adds a whole new element of artistic style to something ordinary while preserving the quality of the brand's legacy product.

We know you have a million other things on your plate, let us make you look good! We are brand builders, not another run-of-the-mill vendor who slaps a label onto a t-shirt.

We work within your budget and timeline, so you have the time to focus on other things, such as growing your business!

Create Branded Merch

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