Using Multiple Merchandise Distributors? Time to Consolidate!

Posted by Melissa Kovach on May 21, 2019 8:44:00 AM
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Could your company use a fresh take and approach when it comes to its branded apparel like t-shirts and unique promotional products like buttons, stickers, and enamel pins? 

If you’re cleaning up your company’s marketing kit and seeing that the brand’s custom merchandise needs some TLC, you’ve come to the right place. 

And as the organizational expert Marie Kondo, the host of the popular binge-worthy Netflix show Tidying Up preaches, clear out the clutter in your company's marketing kit — starting with cutting out what doesn’t spark joy: managing multiple custom merchandise vendors.


Simplify and centralize your custom merchandise program

Today’s modern marketer can be compared to a professional juggler, especially, when it comes to managing and overseeing different distributors and vendors.

Along with revamping your strategic efforts to attract new business and connect on a deeper level with your audience, you should take time to find the right way to simplify and consolidate these third-party relationships.

Top five reasons to consolidate distributors 

Here are the five most common reasons why:

  1. Managing multiple vendors is a giant headache! To complete a single project, there are way too many cooks in the kitchen that represent different companies, each trying to push their own business agendas.
  2. Working with multiple vendors does not ensure, if at all, consistency among products and colors.
  3. Account managers often change from company-to-company, which makes people feel like they are thrown around and slows down production to have to re-explain project details. This is a big risk, especially for tighter timelines.
  4. No matter how many different distributors a company has, the suggested products/solutions are often all generic and comprised of logo-slapped items that don’t stand out.
  5. It’s hard to differentiate your brand when products are coming in from different sources because none of the sources actually take the time to get to know the brand, its target audience, ethos, or goals.

Consolidate your custom merchandise distribution with Anthem Branding

Working with Anthem’s branding experts you can rest assured you’re in good hands. You will work with our close-knit account team, who are always in the know about your project, business objective, and brand’s nuances.

We will only offer recommendations that are truly unique to your brand. We do this by first learning about your brand as if we were one of your employees — learning about your target audience, what your brand cares most about, and what goals you have in mind.

Our deep roster of suppliers ensures you that the recommendations we make aren’t going to be cookie-cutter suggestions. We pride ourselves in staying on top of trends and working with suppliers that only offer authentic and highly custom goods.

It’s this agency-style approach that makes our clients stand out among their competitors. It’s this approach that enables our clients to bring their brand voice to life in a tangible way. It’s this approach that you will not find anywhere else.


Connect with one of our brand experts to see what all the fuss is about. 

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