Why Millennials and Gen Z Consumers Love Pop-up Stores

Posted by Daniela Baldwin on Apr 17, 2018 1:40:11 PM
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Pop up stores are changing the retail game as we know it. If you're not familiar with a pop-up store, it's a temporary space used to sell anything from retail to cosmetics to energy drinks. This trend became popular in the early 2000's in Los Angeles, and has expanded world-wide since then. Pop-up stores can give your brand an abundance of growth opportunities. You're able to generate brand awareness, test new revenue streams, and create real-life connections with your customers. Most importantly, you can connect with the people that love pop up stores the most...millennials and Gen Z. So, why will they flock to your next pop-up? 



Millennials and Gen Z are always on the hunt for the best new thing. Since pop-up shops are only open temporarily and carry a scarce amount of supply, it generates excitement and urgency to be one of the first people in line. Once you announce your location, people will rush to be there.  



We live in a world filled with instagramable locations that people love to snap photos of.  Having a pop-up shop that is aesthetically pleasing to millennials and Gen Z will create a tremendous amount of buzz on social media. Not only will this be a special moment for their Instagram feeds, but their tagged locations will get attract more people to see what your pop-up is all about. The publicity from social networks will leave a lasting impression and have everyone ready to attend the next one. 


They Create an Experience

These once-in-a-while shops create an experience where customers can get a more intimate feel for the brand. Pop-up's stand out for their ability to showcase their brand creatively, and since they don't happen very often, they feel special and exclusive. Cultivating this unique experience is one of the best ways to engage with your customer base. 



Pop-up shops are here to stay, and are changing the way we experience retail shopping. Do you want to create some unforgettable branded merchandise for your next pop-up shop? 

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