How to Improve Virtual Meetings

Posted by Deanna Hoffman on May 11, 2020 9:30:00 AM
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During our “new normal”, meetings are still being held, albeit virtually.

Yet, with the many at-home distractions, the logistics of running virtual meetings comes with its own learning curve to master.

Bad audio connections, frozen video screens, spotty connections, lost or invalid access codes. The experience isn’t often the best, and that could potentially misrepresent the company's brand perception as disorganized. So what can you do to ensure your meetings are productive, engaging, and mimic business as normal?

Here are some thought starters on how to keep your meetings from home organized and goal-oriented, all while maintaining professionalism and keeping your brand top-of-mind.

Bring your brand into the virtual meeting space

Whether your meeting is with external stakeholders or interviewing a new candidate, building a positive brand experience during the meeting will leave participants with a good taste for what the company is like.

For employees, a polished branded experience will uphold the sense of connection they have with the brand currently. It will remind them what they love most about the company culture.

In a physical space, meetings are already nuanced with the bits and pieces of what make the brand whole — the vibe of the office, the decorations, the hustle and bustle of daily work. Maintaining that physical feeling virtually isn’t impossible — it just requires some planning and some great branded tools.

Dropship company merchandise and virtual meeting brand guidelines to your employees

A virtual meeting kit with tools can help employees stay focused in their new reality. Items like company stationary, pens, a mug, and even some subtle way to incorporate the logo into the screen space with company apparel. Plus, many of these items can be created quickly.

Keep your team organized and on track

If you’re running the meeting, it’s useful to outline exactly what you plan on talking about, what you plan to accomplish, and what you need from others.

Statistics prove that writing notes by hand is more effective than typing. Plus, with most of your coworkers will be working from a laptop, typing notes can be loud and distracting while on a video call.

Consider branded stationery like a quality notebook to dropship to your remote employees. Dedicating one notebook or a set of stationery including post-it notes, writing utensils, and/or planners can aid your team in keeping work in one spot, rather than on loose sheets of paper that can get lost in the shuffle of a home office.


Branded notebook

branded notebook


essential bookbound journal

Avoid technological distractions

Switching over entirely to virtual work can be difficult in some capacity for everyone, regardless of how tech savvy you are. So, consider some products to send to your team to make virtual meetings go a bit smoother.

Wireless bluetooth headphones

Using over-the-ear headphones can help avoid common household disruptions and keep attention focused on the meeting.

wireless bluetooth headphones



Wireless speaker

To ensure proper sound quality and volume to your liking, consider a branded wireless speaker so volume is never a problem.

wireless speaker


Reusable drinkware

We often take a sip or two of water, coffee or tea during a meeting. Providing branded drinkware is a way to keep bringing in your brand to the meeting.

Stainless steel bottle with leather grip

stainless steel bottle with leather grip


Stainless steel mug

stainless steel mug


Let’s collaborate

As we all get comfortable in our home offices, let’s work together to keep business running smoothly and virtual meetings productive!

Speak to a branding expert today to curate a kit that works best for your brand and employees.



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